visual artist 
In the shadow 
In my art I describe what I find essential and what I cannot force into words; 
something about the moments when you realize the absurdity of life. 
My characters make their way like mute strangers 
in an existentialist world where dreams and reality are intertwined. 
Being human:  resurrection, being different is materialized in my artwork. 
To me it is important that I don't add to the burden on environment. 
Hence, as far as possible the materials are recycled. 
I paint with oil on chalk primed canvas using thin layers of paint. 
With this slow traditional technique I obtain the world of light and colour that I strive for. 
The main material in the latest sculptures is a composite of mineral substances and  
cellulose fibers. I have refined the formula for years to obtain light, sturdy and lasting  
artistic material with the structure and surface I want. 
During the last few years I have been working mainly with sculptures. 
Heli Tuhkanen