visual artist 
In the shadow 
In my art I depict things I find essential but infeasible to define in words 
- something from the moments when one sees the absurdity of life.   
The motifs rise from life.  
Through cogitation they get an artistic form that feels my own,  
something beyond words.  
In paintings my technique is traditional layered oil painting that gives me the colours, 
light and mood I want. 
In sculpture I  work conserving nature with recycled materials, largely with a  
composite of mineral substances and cellulose fibers.  I have managed to modify it  
into an artistic material that suits my ideas. In addition I use various abandoned items  
and plastic junk that is engulfing the world.  
To me form and artisanship are as essential as content and feeling.   
All these are present in true art.  
I construct my works slowly in the silence of the studio with my hands,  
with lived life guiding the process.  
Heli Tuhkanen